Challengers of Olympus

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Log 0002

Jake hardin logThe nightmares have quieted right now. Not sure if that a good thing but since I have started down the hole into the world of the “Mythos” my mind seems at peace, with razor sharp clarity. It probably won’t last, but if it gets me answers and resolution, then insanity be damned, I will have my vengeance!

It is a day of fact-finding, the typical cop-work I am used to and very good at. Using my Department resources and those of Division X we build a stronger foundation for our case. Our missing archaeologist is one of a set of triplets, born to educated, cultist parents. Parents labeled as dissidents, leading to prison, and then to their deaths 3 months after release. The three sisters were split up and fostered with three different families.

Lo and behold, their estranged uncle, the ambassador to Kenya wanted nothing to do with them. Strangely enough, he is a person-of-interest in our investigation as well. I don’t believe in coincidences either. We also discover said uncle is a major shareholder in Red Diamond Mining company; a company based in Kenya, specializing in flurospar, a litany of complaints filed against them – all hushed up, and based next to an extinct volcano. Almost sounds like a rousing James Bond adventure, except I have seen the corpses.

Our local contact Abidemi is missing. We discover some of the puzzle pieces searching his apartment and within his wall safe. There is blood in apartment but not enough to suggest death. I think our ‘cultists’ grabbed him for something.

With the info from the drives we recover, data mining emails, and research from our sources everything points to the final days of the Ritual to awaken the Black Pharaoh. And what do you know, we have just under 3 or 4 days. Not good. All clues point to Kenya, specifically the offices of the Red Diamond Mining company.

First upon arrival in the city of Eldoret is a visit to the child adoption center of the three sisters. We find some records and fill in a few more blanks. Everything suggests two of the sisters part of the cult and our archaeologist, Nadia, innocent but a pawn of some importance, hence her kidnapping. Still not sure of Abidemi’s role in this.

We scope out the HQ of the company but not much we can do at 2200 short of breaking and entering what appears to be a fairly well protected facility. So we end up at one helluva nice hotel, who new our resident shrink Guy was so damn rich? Rich friends are always helpful. Our plan is to pose as potential investors of the mine. So we need to play it up. The hotel provides resources for new tailored clothes, the whole nine yards. Charlie is the eccentric rich casino-owning Indian, Joey the personal body guard, Guy is the lawyer/financial adviser and I am the ‘mysterious consultant’.

It gets us in the door the next morning and a tour of the facilities. Typical thug-for-hire (ex-military types), security cameras, and firepower. The kind you see in most movies. We also locate elevator security access to lower floors. This is where we need to go. I manage to distract a couple of low-rent thugs while Joey lifts a security pass from one of them. Besides wielding a mean bat, he is good at the pick-pocket routine as well. Can you say, troubled youth?

While Charlie and Joey get the private tour of the armoury, Guy and I bash about ideas for getting down below. Fires, explosions, or just pulling the fire alarm are all discussed. In the end, simply pulling the fire alarm works. Guy manages to convince the goon squad guarding elevator access we are important enough to go down below during ‘disaster’.

Bottom floor is a chamber with the old-fashioned giant vault door. Our merry band of crooks makes short work of cracking that open. The other side leads us deeper into the bowels of the volcano. It is dark, just enough ambient light to move forward and the distant sound of chanting ahead. Our luck we spy the one lone guard equipped with night-vision goggles. Luckily he doesn’t notice us. Probably bored out of his skull down here but good pay and benefits. So I do the casual sneak up on him to Taser into slumber-land. But thug is a bit tougher than I suspected and turns and opens fire with the SMG I hadn’t noticed…crap on a stick! Somehow he misses me and old Charlie puts him down with one blow from his axe. And by put down, I mean cleave the sucker in half…yeesh.

Deeper we go until the final chamber reveals 3 triplets chanting accompanied by whack-a-doodle uncle preparing to plunge a wicked looking sacrificial dagger into our unconscious friend Abidime. No problemo, I whip out gun and put a bullet through the uncle’s head. Well, I intended to anyways, my bullet stops dead just before his head and drops to the ground…WTF? Doesn’t phase my compatriots who have obviously seen something like this before. So I start to move down for a personal touch when apparently mad-uncle summoned some ghostbuster-looking freak-of-the-month monster onto my ass. I mean this critter just pops outa hole in the air and plunges some serious claws straight into my back. They cut through my bulletproof vest like it was butter. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Well, poor old Joey seemed to hit his quota of freak for the week and drops unconscious from the sheer sight of the thing. Charlie is moving forward with the trusty axe and Guy whipping up that green lantern-like Mythos spell…I need to learn that, dammit!

Believe it or not I am still standing so I turn quickly to put a bullet in this monster’s head. What do you know, it is as effective as when I shot jello monster, shit! I am not sure I can take another hit like that so I start hauling jets down to mad uncle, dodging and weaving this thing’s claw attacks. Charlie is right behind it cutting away. Thank god for that axe because it saves my life. He is able to make a blow count and cuts off the damn head! And now I am ready to face the uncle.

So there is also less chanting as two of the mad sisters jump into combat. One goes for Charlie and the other for me. Charlie is managing but they are like ninjas and she just seems to duck and weave and he can’t land a blow. Me on the other hand, I don’t bother, I just shoot her in the head. Back to uncle now. Man, and they think I need therapy? What about this family?

Guy has managed his green lantern axe onto the uncle and is battering away at his mystical shield. It seems to be effective so sure enough, dear uncle conjures another portal creep onto poor Guy’s back. This is not looking good!

So Charlie finally manages to down his ninja sister and is off to help Guy, who is not looking any better than I did after one blow from one of these critters. But I have my own job so I take the SMG I lifted from the dead guard (remember him?) and just empty the damn thing into crazy uncle. See how well your shield likes that sucker! Whatever, full auto his ass and he is down for the count. Meaning he is dead.

Charlie has managed to save Guy and whacked another portal beast. Seriously, he should start putting notches on his axe for crazy critter kills.

So we save Abidime, who is grateful for the save but had enough of the Cultist crap. Can’t say as I blame him. Off he goes to a nice retirement I hope. I, on the other hand, am feeling a bit put out because bat boy was no help. So in the process of bringing him around, I convince him I cast a spell to bring him back from the dead. He is a fully-functional zombie who craves pepperoni I tell him. And he believes it, heh. Not sure Guy likes what I did but what the hell.

So we wrapped this up and spent one more night in the luxury hotel getting all fixed up, they fix my trench-coat and the following day we are jetting our way back to the US of A. I am going to meet Division X honchos in person. Cool. And I also have this crazy evil-vibe feeling sacrificial dagger, and a Mythos spell under my belt. Seriously, I can actually raise zombies now.


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