Challengers of Olympus

Session 1: Over the Hill and Through the Woods

Deep Ones right up in your face!

Seeking to get to their coordinates in style, Guy calls up a limo service to take them to Clarksburg,MD (which Guy was able to cleverly deduce was their destination by entering in the coordinates on his smartphone’s GPS). After arriving in the small town (which is also apparently an area for government communication system testing…thanks wikipedia), Charlie bums some money off of Guy since he left all his weapons in his car in Baltimore while Guy buys supplies that he thinks are appropriate for a hike to the coordinates. Unfortunately the pawn shop does NOT carry tactical tomahawks so Charlie settles for a replica Lord of the Rings sword and some rope. For some reason he didn’t buy a gun. Joey settled on a shotgun. Guy returned with lots of trail mix and granola bars which only made Charlie give him a “Granola bars, really?” look. After making a quick stop at a local vet to get patched up from their Asian cultist fight they set out to the coordinates.

They finally come across an old abandoned warehouse and hangar. A quick look around reveals some hidden surveillance cameras, footprints, and tire tracks but no people. Guy easily picks the lock to the warehouse and opens the door. The horrible odor of rotten fish emanates from inside making Charlie a tad queasy. Though dark inside, Guy turns out indeed to have an app for that. Checking through some boxes reveals various tools and gas cans (but strangly no glass gas containers). In the midst of their rummaging Charlie hears something coming towards them. Guy turns his flashlight just in time to see a monstrous human fish try to claw his guts out. In a panic he scrambles through another box only to find some old baby dolls which he chucks at the creature anyway. The creature claws a chunk out of Guy’s chest as Joey blows his away with his shotgun.Two of the creatures attack Charlie before he runs one of them through with his sword. Guy shoots his but it keeps coming so Joey finishes it off for him. Leaving only one fighting Charlie, he tries to decapitate it with little luck. Guy attempts to taze the thing and somehow misses it. Joey manages to blow its head off. Suddenly the lights come up and a middle aged agent enters the room clapping and congratulating them on their performance. Confused, they look around to find the creatures’ bodies gone and replaced with men pulling off some sort of holographic stealth armor. Apparently they passed the entrance exam for Division X. They are led outside to a chopper waiting to take them to HQ. A short ride later our heroes are on an elevator taking them inside Division X as they are introduced to the organization. After that they are taken to their rooms where they prepare for their first mission.


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