Challengers of Olympus

Session 2: Leaving on a jet-plane...

Definitely not one four hour long racist joke.

After finishing their initial training period with Division X, the new agents are given their first mission. A group of archaeologists working in Cote d’Ivoire have gone missing.They appear to be sponsored in some way by Division X. The mission is simple enough. Travel to Africa and find the missing dig team or find out what happened to them. The team is given the cover of CIA agents and a flight is booked for them out of BWI airport.

Needless to say, the team stands out like a scientologist in a redneck bar. (not to mention the fact that Joey doesn’t understand the term “concealed weapon”) Before long they notice that they are being tailed by not one, but two people. Charlie assumes since both the smoking man (not that one) and the redhead following them are pale they must therefore be vampires. The woman runs off the second she realizes she’s been spotted. Thanks to Charlie’s heightened senses (and heightened…um, height) they don’t lose track of her. Charlie begins to barrel through the crowd after her, the pale smoking man right behind him warning people to get out of the way and flashing his Dept. of Homeland security badge. Charlie manages to grab her, but despite his and the Homeland Security agent’s best efforts she nearly manages to escape. Her nearly superhuman strength and reaction time only fuel Charlie’s vampire theory. A bullet to the woman’s leg ends her resistance as she passes out.

A quick search of the woman reveals nothing (ok it reveals some stuff, but nothing to do with the plot…ahem) except a tattoo on her right shoulder. Guy recognizes it as belonging to the The Cult of the Bloody Tongue , a Mythos cult. Finally the Homeland Security agent introduces himself as Jake D. Hardin and claims to be investigating an anonymous tip that a high profile member of a domestic terrorist group (The Church of the Mourning Star) was going to be at the airport. Guy recognizes the name as a front for the real cult, the Cult of the Bloody Tongue but says nothing. They agree to work on the case together (despite Jake’s misgivings about the team being CIA). The plane trip is mostly uneventful except for Charlie nearly being poisoned to death by a stewardess who bore a resemblance to both the lead archaeologist of the missing team, Nadia Jackson, and a suspected member of the Church of The Mourning Star. After arriving in Africa, the team heads to the main dig site to check it out.

They are surprised to find the site surrounded in crime scene tape. The local authorities seem uneasy about entering or letting anyone else do so. After speaking to, and promptly bribing, one of the local cops (Abidemi Bello), Jake learns someone high up the political chain shut down the investigation before it could be done. He also learns that Ivory Coast’s currency is the West African Franc (and the exchange rate is like 1 us dollar equals about 5000 West African Francs)! The More You Know! Needless to say, Abidemi was very happy to provide as much assistance as possible. (The next time he shows up he has a pimp suit and gold teeth…let the stereotyping begin) The team checks out the trashed office of Dr. Nadia Jackson (whose wallpaper is apparently so mesmerizing Guy didn’t even notice there was a laptop in the room). They manage to find all sorts of useful stuff including a map of the dig site along with some handwritten notes, a rubbing of one of the tablets discovered by the archaeologists, a laptop hard drive (which somehow only Joey had the technical know-how to remove), some blood splatter, and a digital recorder with some very creepy stuff on it. Thanks to Jake’s book, “Africa’s Dark Cults” they were able to translate some of the writing from the tablet rubbing. Like many creepy, ancient tablets of unknown origin this tablet didn’t really have good news.

On the map they located the specific tunnel where the archaeologists had originally discovered the tablet. They went to check out the tunnel only to discover it was sealed with strange symbols similar to the ones on the rubbing. It appeared as though the symbols were inscribed on movable stones. Guy quickly realized this was a puzzle and the symbols related to the Mythos but he was unsure how exactly the puzzle worked. The team decided to retire for the night to a local hotel to rest up and conduct some research. Jake invited Abidemi to dinner to see about getting some more information and Guy chose to “recruit” Jake into Division X by spilling all the Mythos-beans. The team’s handler, Agent Jack Preston , was not happy about the decision (seeing as how Guy didn’t actually have the authority to recruit people). Upon learning some of the truth, Jake seemed to relax a bit. It appeared that the murder of his family had something to do with the Cult of the Bloody Tongue. Dinner with Abidemi provided a major piece of new information. Apparently the Kenyan Ambassador to Cote d’Ivoire had the investigation of the dig site shut down. Abidemi promised to look more into this interesting development. Finally, the team tried to get some sleep only to be awoken to the inhuman sounds of something trying to bust down the hotel door. Our heroes found themselves face-to-face with horrible gelatinous tentacled creatures armed with spears. The creatures even managed to startle Jake. Guy realized however that these were Moon Beasts, creatures often summoned by servants of The Cult of the Bloody Tongue. Jake discovered that bullets weren’t particularly effective against them (although tomahawks, baseball bats, and fiery blankets seem to do the trick just fine). The battle ended with the agents victorious, but with their hotel room destroyed. The hotel manager wasn’t happy until he realized he was dealing with people who had quite a bit of American money. Division X wasn’t particularly happy about that credit card bill. On the plus side, most of the hotel staff retired on the damages the hotel charged to the team. Sleep after the intense encounter didn’t come easy for anyone especially Jake who has a long history of horrible nightmares.

The next morning (after managing to find the key to the puzzle), the fearless (some more so than others) agents went back to the dig site and unsealed the chamber. Inside were the dead bodies of the archaeology team (minus its leader, Dr. Nadia Jackson), two damaged tablets, and one missing tablet. The scene was one described in Jake’s book, the ritual known as the Sacrifice of Awakening. As Guy knelt to inspect the bodies, one of them grabbed him by the throat. Fortunately, zombies apparently have nothing on moon beasts and between Jake’s gun fu, Charlie’s tomahawk, Joey’s bat, and Guy’s summoned spectral blade, they made quick work of the zombies. What lays ahead for our intrepid agents? Stay tuned to find out.


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