Challengers of Olympus

Session 3: Let's Ocean's 11 This Shit!

I really need to hit something. Does the gardener diddle the children?

Delta Team continues its investigation into the disappearance of the Division X archeology team in the Cote d’Ivoire. After cleaning up from their zombie attack, they head back to the hotel and begin to do some research into some of their leads. In reality since none of them has a computer skill above 3, they make their company tech guys do it for them. Damn you 21st Century! After getting into Nadia’s hard drive, the tech guys send Guy some email that contains some correspondance between Nadia and the Red Diamond Mining Company. The company was interested in funding the dig and any discoveries made by Dr. Jackson. She indicated that she was not interested which didn’t seem to please the representative of the mining company. The team also learned that Nadia was a professor of archeology at Miskatonic University. The hard drive also contained some video, pictures of the other two damaged tablets, and a partial translation. The video showed Nadia being dragged off by someone else who looked alot like her. Based on their previous translation work and some more reading of Africa’s Dark Cults they learned that the sacrifice of the awakening could only happen every 5 years at the Mountain of the Black Wind (conveniently the name of the extinct volcano that the HQ of Red Diamond Mining Company is located next to), it required a week of preparation, and required a true “high priestess”.

Guy and Jake started doing some investigation into Dr. Jackson’s background as well as the Red Diamond Mining Company. Sadly, Charlie and Joey felt kinda useless during the investigation phase. They discovered that Nadia was one of three sisters who were orphaned at a young age when their parents were murdered during an occultic ritual. Nadia herself was adopted by American missionaries. Her sister, Amelie, was adopted by a close family friend and her other sister, Ahlonna, ran away only weeks after being orphaned. The unusual part is that the one living relative, a great uncle, refused to adopt the girls. Later the group found out that the uncle happened to be the same Kenyan ambassador who shut down the initial investigation into the archeological team’s disapperance.

Research into the Red Diamond Mining Company revealed that it is based out of Eldoret, Kenya near an extinct volcano and it primarily mines flurospar (which is apparently used in optics…wikipedia strikes again!). It also seems to have a shady reputation. Over the years it has been in operation, a number of strange accidents and disappearances have been reported only to be hushed down fairly quickly by local authorities who are most definitely in the company’s pocket. Some conspiracy theory-alien agenda sites claim that the company’s leaders are involved in occultic rituals and alien negotiations (that could never happen, right?). It also turns out that Nadia’s uncle also happens to be a major shareholder in Red Diamond Mining Company. The plot seems to indeed thicken.

Seeing as all the major leads are located in Kenya, the team decides to book a flight to Kenya. Before heading out, they check on Abidemi Bello whom they haven’t heard from in awhile. They do receive a text message revealing the uncle’s identity as ambassador of Kenya to Cote d’Ivoire. Unfortunately Abidemi’s text cuts off which worries the team. So they track down Abdiemi’s address and convince the security guard to let them in. The apartment shows some blood stains and signs of a general ransacking.The team searches the place but Guy gets memorized by the wallpaper (damn that Mythos wallpaper!). They find Abidemi’s research on Dr. Jackson and the Red Diamond Mining Company as well as some files on his external hard drive that was located in a hidden safe which Charlie and Guy were able to open. Of course Guy broke the code and so Charlie (who was crowbarring the thing) fell on his ass when the safe swung open. Guy was quite annoyed with having another hard drive to get into so he over-nighted some hardware to use from Amazon. The hard drive also revealed the adoption agency that Nadia was adopted from and some background information on her family. Our team also tried calling the ambassador’s office to set up an appointment only to find he was out of the country. (Surprise, Surprise) With that done, they settled in for the night prepared to head to Kenya the next morning.

The plane trip to Kenya was a most interesting one seeing as how it involved Guy holding a group therapy session for Joey and Jake on a crowded plane. Charlie tried really hard not to laugh every time Guy mentioned “oral fixation”. After arrival in Kenya, the group set out to the Hope House of Kenya Adoption Agency to find out more about Nadia. By this point Charlie felt the need to commit some violence. Fortunately the gardener at the adoption agency was (as Charlie put it) “diddling the children”. (I don’t really think it was fortunate for the children though…) At any rate, Charlie saved the day by removing the gardener from his job (and breaking his arm in the process) which temporarily satisfied his need for violence. (At least he channeled his aggression in a positive way.) After meeting with an agent and going through some old adoption files, the team discovered some more details on the circumstances surrounding the adoption of Nadia and her two sisters.

After finishing up at the adoption agency, the team headed to the Headquarters of the Red Diamond Mining Company. To Guy’s dismay they did not offer tours (especially at 10 o’clock at night although they might offer glass bottles of gasoline). Then the team came up with an amazing idea. They would fake being rich investors and gain a meet that way. They headed to an upscale hotel (which Guy paid for because he is apparently a millionaire) that served all the team’s needs (and I mean all their needs ). It was decided that Charlie would pretend to be a Casino owner (not stereotypical at all), Joey would be his body guard, Guy his financial adviser, and Jake his personal servant.

The next morning the team headed to the Red Diamond Mining Company once again and were taken on a tour of the operation. They noticed a few things out of place. First of all, all the employees wore a red stripe down their pants and shirts (possibly relating to The Cult of the Bloody Tongue ) and a highly secured private elevator for upper-management types. With Jake running interference, Joey managed to pickpocket the access card to the elevator. Later, the team started to question one of the representatives sent to discuss investment options with them (they were awful nosy) about security measures and emergency procedures. Seemed like once again, Jake wanted to set the place on fire and Guy wanted to blow it up. While they discussed a plan, Charlie and Joey checked out the armory. When all was said and done, they just decided that pulling the fire alarm would work just fine. They were prepared to take out the elevator guards but Guy used his powers of persuasion to let them take the elevator to evacuate since Charlie was a “very important man”. They took the elevator to the bottom basement and came face-to-face with a giant vault door. Thanks to Guy’s criminal expertise they were able to get past the lock and head into a series of underground tunnels. Familiar chanting could be heard in the distance as the team prepared for a fight. Joey was worried that he hadn’t brought his bat, so Charlie Hulked a metal pipe out of the floor for him (whatever works I guess). They did manage to come across a guard whom they somehow (a drama point and like 7 successes on an influence roll) convinced that they had gotten lost. When he turned his back Jake tased him just before the guard pulled out his SMG. Charlie’s tomahawk made short work of the guard (mostly by cutting him in half). Following the firelight and chanting, the team finally made it to the inner chamber where the ritual was already in progress. On an altar lie the body of Abdiemi with the Kenyan ambassador standing over him chanting an holding a wicked looking dagger in his hand. The three sisters were also there chanting. Though everyone managed to be very stealthy, the ambassador already had security in place in the form of a dimensional shambler (which nearly killed Jake). This horrible being from another plane of existence scared the bejesus out of Joey who passed out from fear which left Jake, Guy, and Charlie to face off against the cultists. Jake was very disappointed when his well-aimed head shot bounced off the ambassador’s protective field. Each of them faced near death but were ultimately triumphant due to Guy’s spectral blade, Charlie’s tomahawk, and Jake’s gun. Nadia was saved as she wasn’t actually evil (just brain-washed) as was Abidemi who promptly took off telling them that he hoped to never see any of them again. (To be fair, he was nearly sacrificed to a dark god.) When Joey woke up, his brain was still a little shaky and Jake convinced him that he brought Joey back from the dead as a zombie. (Passing out in fear because of horrible hell-spawned creatures tends to make one suggestible.) As our heroes head back to the states for some much-needed rest, they take comfort in the fact that they prevented the summoning of the Black Pharoah. I wonder what lies ahead for them…Stay Tuned and find out!


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