Challengers of Olympus

Session 4: I used to be a cultist, but then I took a bullet to the knee...

Is there a man version of this prison and what do I have to do to get sent there?

After recovering from their previous mission, Delta Team is once again ready to launch into action. Agent Jack Preston sends them the details on their new mission. It turns out that the woman that Jake shot at the airport back in Session 2 has gone missing from her hospital room. Seeing as she is currently Division X’s only real connection to The Cult of the Bloody Tongue our team is sent to recover her.

The team does some research on the woman (and once again by team I mean their computer people…) which reveals some interesting details. Helena Wright was a military brat born in Maryland. She attended and was summarily kicked out of boot camp after which she joined the Cult. During her time with the cult, she was arrested for identity theft and sentenced to 15 years at the Alderson, West Virginia Federal Prison Camp for women (aka Camp Cupcake…no seriously). She was released after only two years when a letter from the office of the governor ordered her release. Shortly after she disappeared off the grid for awhile only to reappear on the fateful day at BWI Airport.

The team heads to the local John Hopkins Hospital to check out the crime scene. They are not impressed by the lack of detail in the report which only states that nothing was found except the dead guard with the broken neck who was supposed to be keeping an eye on Helena. Neither were they impressed that both Local law enforcement and Homeland Security had been there without adding much detail to the case. It didn’t help that every camera in a two mile radius had been knocked out for about 15 minutes. At the hospital they found some bits of colored beeswax that they couldn’t explain. Upon checking the visitor log and speaking with one of the security guards, they discovered that only two visitors had been on the floor the night before, a Gertrude and Jacob Fernandez. After looking into the name, all they could find was a marriage certificate from 1908 (when she married Jon Fernandez) in Monroe County, Florida and and an obituary dated September 3rd, 1919 from the Bahamas that mentioned a disturbed grave. They spoke to the on-duty nurse to get a basic description of the visitor to generate a sketch which matched the pictures of the woman from 1908. Seeing as she hadn’t aged a day and was pale, the team made the assumption that this woman was a vampire. Some research into her husband, Jon, revealed that he had been a talented wax sculptor back in the 1920s. Unfortunately he died in a mysterious explosion that took out a wax museum he owned in the Bahamas. He had also written a book, The Art of Wax Modeling , which had been banned and proved quite difficult to track down.

The team followed their leads as best they could. Guy contacted the estate of a Sir William Brand who was listed as the only known person to have a copy of the book. After deciphering some clues and reading Brand’s book, Strange Occurrences in the Caribbean , they found that they had stumbled onto a much deeper and much older mystery. The team also took a little trip to the Alderson Prison Camp (which seemed more like a resort than a prison) to get some information on Helena. They discovered that even the warden had trouble finding her records. They managed to get a contact email for her and that was about it. They did discover one important detail, Jack Preston’s signature was on her release form.

The team headed back to DC intent on confronting Jack, but decided to rest at a hotel. That night, Jack decided to confront them. Acting defensive, he showed up in the middle of the night demanding answers as to what they’ve been doing. Charlie (in typical Charlie fashion) wasn’t very patient and when Jack turned to leave, he grabbed Jack. Much to his regret, they learned that Jack wasn’t what he appeared to be. He seemed to be at least as strong as Charlie and highly resistant to damage (including Jake’s bullet to his forehead). Guy used his spectral razor spell to make short work of him and Jack literally fell to pieces (pieces of wax). Somebody was on their trail…


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