Challengers of Olympus

Session 5: Pirates of the Caribbean (Not associated in any way with Disney)

What's a pirates favorite drink? ArrrrrC Cola.

Delta Team arrives in Nassau on Guy’s dime. Afraid that Division X has been compromised by wax people, they make the decision not to inform anyone of their whereabouts. When they arrive, they find that they have two possible leads. The first is the Wax Museum of Jon Fernandez which was destroyed back in the 1920s. The other is the Insane Asylum that was also destroyed under unusual circumstances around the same time.

Jake and Guy head to the local PD to see if they can dig up some information on any recent strange goings-on or maybe find some records of the incidents mentioned in Sir William Brand’s book. The local officer on duty, Dwight Oswald (an American Ex-Pat) seems to be exactly what the pair are looking for. He seems to be familiar with the case going back to the 1920s. He informs the team that a number of incidents took place all within about a two week time period. A series of buildings were destroyed in mysterious explosions, a local Rum-runner was nearly assassinated, and an earthquake shook the island. He also lets Jake know that when he was looking into things, people quietly encouraged him to drop it. The only unusual thing happening in modern times is a number of disappearances of corpses from local funeral homes. (Of course once again, the team assumes there are vampires about…lol!)

The team decide to go check out the new museum that has been built on the remains of the old Wax Museum, Pirates of Nassau. They learn that the land has only been recently reclaimed by the Fernandez family. They are welcomed by the intrepid Captain Jake Sparrow to take a virtual voyage on the Black Diamond and face the Flying Irishman who’ve come straight from Bobby Jones’ locker. (He was very concerned about copyright infringement.) After a slew of bad pirate jokes and badly designed interactive exhibits, the team reaches the Hall of Pirates which is full of life-size wax dolls of famous pirates that all look extremely lifelike. Jake takes some pictures to analyze later while the others question the good Captain. They learn that he used to work the Galley aboard Her Majesty’s Ship the Denny’s. They also learn that he learned his trade (wax modeling that is) from his kindly grandparents (Gertrude Fernandez and Jon Fernandez). After refusing to spend ridiculous amounts of money at the gift shop the team heads out to investigate further. Jake texts the pictures of the museum to Officer Oswald as well as his tech team at the FBI to check them against missing corpses. Shock and surprise there are several matches and McGee points out that there appears to be a hidden panel beneath the statue of Jon Fernandez.

After some dinner, Delta Team rolls up to the Sandilands Mental Hospital (built on the remains of Sandilands Asylum) to see what information they can find on this very old case. An email to the estate of William Brand is replied to with two names: Jonathan Hill and Anke Krausse. Both born in 1889, both guests at the Blackfin Hotel in Key West and both disappeared in the Bahamas in 1923. The pieces do appear to be falling into place. The Mental Hospital itself is quite stereotypically creepy and the guard on duty is none-to-happy to have late night guests. Charlie proves to be quite convincing that they need access to the hospital’s records. The Director of the facility, Dr. Daniel Freeman reluctantly agrees to allow them access. That is until they mention the incidents from 1923. It turns out his is very interested in what took place in his hospital back then. The team searches through the old paper records and manages to come up with a few tidbits of interesting information. Anke Krausse and Jonathan Hill both were one-time patients at the hospital where they miraculously cured of sea madness. Also, Jon and Gertrude Fernandez were frequent visitors to the asylum’s library. Dr. Freeman informs them that there are more records but they are sealed in one of the Old Asylum’s basements. The only problem is that no one is brave enough to go down there. Not even the doctor himself.

Breaking the boards sealing the entrance to the basement takes little effort on behalf of Charlie. Guy stops to set up a safety net insuring nothing bad can come in or out of the basement and places an Elder Seal at the entrance. As they make their way down into the basement however, they are filled with an otherworldly dread. Guy is momentarily shaken as his mind temporarily shuts down to avoid the fear within. Fortunately, his mind latches onto the last safe place he can remember being, the Pirate Museum. Turns out Guy is a bigger fan of pirates than he remembered. In the basement they find full treatment records for various patients, a brain preserved in a strange looking cylinder, Gertrude’s old journal, and some telekinetic zombie doctors with surgical saws. (Sucks to be them) Joey is put out for the count by a surgical saw to the face, leaving the team one man short. Before leaving they discover one more clue, a small lead box that seems to vibrate with power when shaken. (Don’t know why anyone thought that was a good idea.) The treatment records indicate that a number of experimental methods were used on patients from implanting “brain-worms” into people that eat brain tissue and cause their host to become very vulnerable to mind control to using therapeutic music to put them in a hypnotic state, to even exposing them to a strange black meteorite that caused most people to be calm, go insane, or die (and sometimes all three). On their way out as Jake crosses the threshold of the Elder Seal, the lead box begins to reverberate as Jake’s eyes roll back up into his head. A number of strange visions fill Jake’s mind from a black void at sea causing earthquakes, to spider-human hybrids playing violins, to seeing the facilities’ old doctors being flamethrower-ed to death. For some reason the team decides that opening the box is a good idea. Inside is a piece of black crystal that pulses with a bright purplish energy. The ritual dagger carried by Jake seems to resonate with the crystal. The humming of the crystal seems to penetrate their entire beings.

The team heads back up to Dr. Freeman with their new acquisitions and the Doctor does his best to patch Joey up. They read through Gertrude’s journal and realize she was created by Jon Fernandez back in the 1920s in an attempt to resurrect his dead wife. They also learn that she slowly went mad and turned on him thanks to the influence of a “new teacher”. They decide to rest and head back to the museum in the morning.

Delta Team heads back to the museum (Guy with particular enthusiasm this time). After enduring the tour the second time, they make it back to the Hall of Pirates. Guy distracts the Captain at the gift shop while Charlie and Jake break into what appears to be a secret lab beneath the hidden panel under the statue of Jon Fernandez. Guys buys a ton of stuff and convinces the Captain that he must go bury the treasure before Guy deserves it. They then all head into the lab. On two tables lie Agent Jack Preston and Helena Wright who both look like they are being prepared for surgery. They also find four newly-made wax pirates and a huge vat of wax. The fun begins as an invisible assailant kicks Guy in the nuts. The team then faces off against four very deadly wax pirates and an invisible Gertrude Fernandez. The battle is deadly and Gertrude very well equipped but they are no match for Delta Team. What happens next? Find out next time.


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