Challengers of Olympus

Session 6: Falls Church

Let's kill the Christians...err I mean Cultists!

Delta Team returns home with Helena, Jack, and Joey in tow. Finally they are able to take a long and well-deserved rest. Jake is called away to participate in some special training. Meanwhile, Guy spends his time studying the Mythos and Jake in recovery. Charlie does whatever it is the Charlie does when everyone else is researching. (Probably something involving violence) Charlie is called to the Special Weapons lab where one of the old crazed scientists asks Charlie to test some new equipment in the field. He hands Charlie a box that he says is a powerful explosive. The only problem is he isn’t really sure how powerful. Supposedly the box can be verbally commanded to fly to a target and then detonate. That should end well.

Guy spends his downtime, as he often does, studying the Mythos. He discovers a new spell that could become quite useful. He learns to summon a Deep One . Of course what to do with it once summoned is another story.

Delta Team decides to try and tie up some loose ends from their last mission. First they go the containment lab where Division X scientists are performing various tests on the crystal. Turns out that it contains several elements unknown to modern science and has the ability to absorb various types of energy. The only exception to its energy absorption property is kinetic energy. For some reason that they’ve been unable to determine, the crystal reacts very violently to any kinetic energy. Also of note is that the crystal emits low-level UV radiation and seems to be emitting alpha waves which indicate consciousness of some sort. Charlie and Guy decide that since it has consciousness they should have one of the Division X telepaths try to connect with it. This plan ends poorly for everyone involved of course. The telepath in question goes insane and proclaims the crystal is “MINE” and grabs it, his eyes glowing with purplish energy. What is their solution for stopping the insane telepath? Why stabbing him through the heart of course. The telepath disintegrates as he is drawn into the crystal and Charlie catches the crystal just in time to prevent it from falling to the floor. Even this slight jolt produces a shockwave that wrecks the lab and knocks power out in the entire base. After several minutes the backup generators fire up and Delta Team gets an IM to report to their new handler’s office immediately.

Charlie, Guy, and Joey report to Assistant Director Kevin Donovan who is now their handler. Hopes for Jack’s full recovery are slim. Just as the young AD prepares to dress down Delta Team for their actions with the crystal, Charlie tells a tale of their heroism in stopping the mad telepath so grand even the ancestors are impressed. Donovan completely changes his tone and even puts Delta Team in for a commendation. Donovan explains that Helena is awake and wants to speak to them. They head down to the medical bay where Helena is still undergoing physical therapy after her knee replacement. She fills them in on some parts of the story that they had been missing. Turns out she was a cultist but was imprisoned and recruited by Division X and working undercover for them at the airport. She was supposed to get in touch with one of her contacts but Jake made sure that didn’t happen. She tells Delta Team the details of the case she was working as it now falls on them to finish the job. Apparently there is a prophecy within the Cult that an event will happen called “The Rise of the Avatars” but the prophecy also says that a child of the old blood will prevent this five centuries after the fall. The Cult believes that the prophecy refers to a Native American and they have been targeting Native Americans for assassination. Helena tells them that they will need the full book of prophecy to learn more and unfortunately it is locked up at a Cultist Base in Falls Church, VA. She warns that security around the book is tight but the church itself is closed over a property dispute. Between Joey and Guy the team gets as much heist gear as they need.

Before heading out, the team checks in on Jack who seems to be in a coma. The doctors indicate that pieces of his brain have been removed and there is little hope for his recovery short of a miracle. If he is to recover it will require something mythos-powered. They also go to find out what information has been learned about the Brain Cylinder. Turns out the cylinder is an intergalactic transmitter for brain waves. Guy does some research and learns that the cylinder is the creation of an alien insect race called the Mi-Go. The Mi-Go are an extremely advanced race who seek to study humans and harvest rare minerals from earth. They are rumored to be experts in all forms of science (especially genetics).

Delta Team travels to Falls Church in Falls Church, VA. The cop monitoring the property is doing what all cops do when on a detail (watching porn). The church is easy enough to get into and Joey is easily able to disarm the alarm system. A quick look around doesn’t reveal much and Guy apparently decided to kick a pew which attracted the attention of two parishoners (and by parishoner I mean crazy super-strong wax people) armed with Mi-Go weapons. Charlie tears a door off its hinges and smashes it over their heads to little effect while Guy hacks away with his spectral blade and Charlie with his axe. After the dolls fall they turn to bits of wax and the team makes its way to the basment. Calling on a spell given to them by Helena (the Chant of Thoth) Guy is able to find the hidden entrance to the underground Cultist facility. The facility itself is fairly large and so our heroes decide to explore. Unfortunately the cross the path of two Mi-Go on patrol and learn just how tough the damn things are. They take a grenade which only slows them down (they would’ve taken two but Joey crit-failed and almost TPK’ed the party). After alot of effort (and taking blasts from the Mi-Go guns and stab wounds from their claws) they were able to defeat the Mi-Go. A quick search of a storage area revealed some Mi-Go food (which the DM unfortunately described as a semi-liquid protein substance…sigh) and a Mi-Go cold weapon. From their they headed to the library to find the book. The scene was one of complete and utter horror with people laid out on tables in various stages of brain surgery as well as a group of Mi-Go (including some larger armored Mi-Go). Hooked into the patients were more of the brain cylinders. There will also several inactive wax bodies. The sight was too much for Joey who passed out. Charlie knew their chances of survival were slim and so he used the box given to him earlier. It flew to the Mi-Go and blew them to kingdom come (the smaller technician ones anyway). The battle was tough but Guy and Charlie eventually prevailed. They went to retrieve the book but were stopped by a very advanced secure case. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t crack the code so Guy smashed the case and grabbed the book summoning a horrible black ooze creature. The creature proved virtually indestructible and even posessed powerful regenerative abilities. Only Charlie’s tracer rounds had any affect on the beast but alas they weren’t enough to prevent Charlie from being engulfed. Guy saved the day with one of the Mi-Go’s cold weapons (though he nearly froze Charlie to death in the process). Badly broken and near death, Delta Team gathered the prisoners that were being kept by the Mi-Go and made their way out. Stay tuned…


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