Challengers of Olympus

Session 7: At Least I Didn't Do My Sister

Why don't you break and enter your way into the kitchen and make me a sandwich?

Delta Team returns from their misbegotten adventure to Falls Church. After several nearly life ending injuries and nearly going insane, Joey decides to go on an extended leave of absence to take care of some “family business”. With Jake on a solo mission that leaves Delta Team down to two. Or at least Charlie wishes. Guy spends some time looking at The Sussex Manuscript. Guy was able to determine that the Cult of the Bloody Tongue was looking for 3 women of Native American ancestry born in springtime starting around 1992. They are the key to stopping the Rise of the Avatars prophecy in which the various Masks of Nyarlathotep will manifest and bring on an age of darkness. According to Guy’s research, each woman will have a guardian to protect them until the time is right.

Meanwhile, Charlie receives a message from Roger and Mya Deloria (childhood friends of his parents) telling him that their daughter, Laura Deloria (aka Laura Proudstar ) has gone missing. Several years prior Charlie had defended her against some would-be harassers and now they were asking his help again. Charlie didn’t even stop to pause as he got ready to set out to Texas. Only Guy was able to slow him down enough to charter a jet for them. They also met their newest team member, Helena Wright. Charlie wasn’t particular happy about her assignment to the team but Guy convinced him that it was for the best. Of course that didn’t stop the endless sexist jokes but its Charlie so she’ll take what she can get.

The team headed to Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (a reservation near El Paso, Texas) where both the Deloria family lives and the Proudstar family. A check of the Deloria home reveals signs of a break-in but Guy suspects that the crime scene may be staged. Charlie finds an acceptance letter for Laura to the University of Texas- Austin Campus which explains why she isn’t there. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of her parents. Helena retrieves a laptop and is able to learn that Laura is adopted and shares a biological father with Charlie. Charlie was happy and relieved at the same time. Happy that he nearly went to jail for rescuing his sister and relieved he hadn’t slept with her. Helena also found that Laura had been making a lot of purchases from the Zeta Sigma Chi Sorority. The team headed to Charlie’s house to find out if Charlie had any other brothers and sisters since Guy assumed that all of the girls mentioned in the prophecy were from the same family. Charlie’s drunken father (James Proudstar) wasn’t feeling particularly cooperative and didn’t seem very happy at this little family reunion. He reluctantly gave the team the contact information for Laura but their was little in the way of reconciliation between father and son.

Delta Team headed to Austin to visit Laura’s off-campus apartment. They were relieved to see that there were no signs of break-in here (but surprised that a college apartment could be that clean). They did find an invitation to Zeta Sigma Chi initiation night for Laura as well as a new member booklet. Things started to click into place when Guy recognized some Mythos symbols and text in the Sorority’s materials. He was able to find out that the sorority was actually a recruiting arm for a cult called the Sisterhood of the Masked Messenger and that initiation night was designed to summon the Messenger forth. The address on the initiation pointed them to the ranch of alumni Geraldine Ross (which turned out to be an alias for Gertrude Fernandez ). Before heading to the ranch the team decided to check out the Zeta Sigma Chi on campus house. Sadly, Charlie didn’t find all the wonderful things he assumed he would in a sorority house. However, it was empty which gave the team a chance to look around. In the president’s room they found a shrine to the Masked Messenger as well as a ritual dagger and a copy of a book titled “The Masked Messenger”. What the team wasn’t prepared for was the house’s security system, a star vampire (which Charlie described as looking like Cthulhu’s period). After nearly getting killed, Helena and Guy patched up the team and got ready to head to the ranch.

The ranch was a fairly large one but Guy (based on his wide breadth of experience in such things) correctly guessed that anything bad happening would be happening in the barn. The team went to check it out and saw that the ritual was in full swing. Six young women in white chanting being led by a black-robed woman wearing a jade mask and three red-robed women working security. The problem with forming a plan was trying to figure out how to get past the fire aura surrounding the women participating in the ritual (which Guy identified as a Cloak of Fire spell). He remembered that part of the spell is the participants can’t move without being burned. Despite talking about lots of complicated plans, they decided that Helena would go up to the top of the roof and cover Charlie and Guy with her bow. Guy was able to shut down the spell protecting the women and between the three of them they were able to take down security fairly easy. Guy engaged the leader who turned out to be none other than Gertrude Fernandez (surprising since she was supposed to be dead) and used his spectral razor to kill her…again. At that point, the women in white passed out. What will happen next? Stay Tuned to find out.


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