Challengers of Olympus

Prequel 2: The I in Teamwork

How many Mobsters does it take to beat up an old Asian woman?

Charlie Proudstar has been sent to investigate some unusual occurrences happening at a New Age Magic Shop in Baltimore,MD called The Little Tragedies Magic Shop. Meanwhile, at the same time a couple of wise guys (Gieuseppe J. “Guy” Anderko and Joey Grazziano) have been sent to remind the Proprietor of said shop that she is behind in her payments. Charlie arrives first and checks out the store to see if anything is out of the ordinary. The two mobsters arrive shortly thereafter and wait for the big Indian guy to take off before approaching the elderly woman who owns the shop.

Hearing some strange sounds from the backroom Charlie pays the woman to let him back into the room for “Special Customers”. Expecting to find some kinky Chinese prostitutes, Charlie is quite surprised to find a robed man Asian man preparing to ritually sacrifice a young Asian woman on an altar to some strange tentacled idol. The robed man asks Charlie if he is there for the sacrifice. Charlie’s acting skills aren’t quite up to par so he resorts to the one thing he knows, violence and quickly knocks the man out. Just as he frees the woman he hears gunshots from the other room.

Outside Guy has confronted the owner who is refusing to pay. When he begins breaking things the woman isn’t happy and begins to chant as a black bolt of lightning emits from her hand straight into Guy’s chest. Joey swings his bat at her but she nimbly ducks out of the way. Guy pulls his gun and shoots the woman in the shoulder. In the backroom Charlie makes a terrible attempt to communicate with the woman to make sure she stays put as he goes to open the door to see whats going on. He is shocked that these two Italian men are shooting a “defenseless” old Asian woman. He sneaks behind them and tries to knock their heads together as the woman blasts Guy again. Guy shoots her again only to see the bullet stop before it hits her. This doesn’t surprise Charlie who assumes this is Asian magic at work. Joey unloads his .357 into her and although only 2 of the 5 bullets get through its enough to end her life. Before long the cops arrive and arrest everybody.

Despite Charlie’s insistence there is no captive woman in the back. Fortunately someone has taken an interest in the three men. A lawyer arrives informing them that he can arrange their release if they agree to come work for his organization. Not having much choice, they agree. They are taken in a stereotypical black SUV where they tell their story to the agents. They are then informed that there is one task they have to perform yo join the organization. They must make their way to a set of coordinates provided to them by the agents in 48 hours. The team is dropped off just outside Baltimore and so their adventure has just begun.


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