Charlie Proudstar

Indian warrior turned soldier.


Str. 6
Dex. 3
Con. 3
Int. 3
Per. 3
Will. 4
Sanity 4
Resist Fear: 9

Computers 1
Crime 3
Doctor 1
Driving 3
Getting Medieval 5
Gun Fu 4
Influence 1
Kung Fu 5
Languages 1
Mr. Fix-It 2
Notice 3
Occultism 1
Sports 1

Qualities: Commando, Nerves of Steel, Governmental Contacts 1, Hard to Kill 3, Acute Vision 2, Fast Reaction Time, Resources 2, Natural Toughness, Situational Awareness, Acute Hearing 2

Drawbacks: Antisocial Impulses: Violence 1, Minority (Native American), Secret 3

Equipment: Tomahawk, Assault Rifle, Bullet-proof vest


Charlie was born on an Apache Indian reservation in southwest Texas. His father was the local story teller. Charlie grew up listening to the tales of Apache warriors from bygone days. Charlie spent his childhood imitating the past warriors of his people. As a teenager he began practicing Chulukua, a Native American for of Martial Arts. With his size, strength, and dedication to the sport he easily won many tournaments growing up. He also practiced and mastered the weapons of his people at a young age, wishing that he could have joined his ancestors in battle.

When Charlie was 20 years old he had dreams of joining the Tribal Police. The night before his entrance exam went into town to retrieve some groceries for his mother. While in the parking lot he saw a group of four men about his own age harassing an Apache girl he had grown up with. He attempted to intervene and things turned sour. Luckily he kept his cool enough that no one died. But in the aftermath he discovered that one of the other men was the son of the District State Attorney. Charlie was offered a deal by the judge, join the military or go to prison. Charlie reluctantly chose the military.

While Charlie resented this turn of events at first, he quickly found out that he flourished in a military environment. Taking the same level of commitment and enthusiasm as he had with his traditions and martial arts growing up, Charlie is now a proud Marine and considering making it his career.

Charlie Proudstar

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