Jake D. Hardin

Described as humorless and having a ‘haunted’ look


Black hair, blue eyes, ruggedly handsome, 6’, 172 lbs., small scar on left cheek, pale-skinned.


Strength: 2
Dexterity: 5
Constitution: 3
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 4
Willpower: 6

Initiative: 5 Throw Range: 6
Actions: 2 Resist Fear: 18/7
Speed: 40/16 Sanity: 5
Drama Points: 6 Experience: 8
Life Points: 36
Acrobatics 0 Knowledge 5
Art 0 Kung Fu (Boxing) 4
Computers 0 Languages 3 (English, Japanese, Russian, Latin)
Crime 1 Mr. Fix-It 0
Doctor 0 Notice 5
Driving 2 Occultism 5
Getting Medieval (Kendo) 4 Science 0
Gun Fu 6 Sports 0
Influence 0 Mythos 4
Detective (8) Homeland Security Occult Investigator (4)
Hard to Kill (2) Nerves of Steel (3)
Pain Resistance (2) Attractiveness (3)
Photographic Memory (2) Occult Library (2)
Well-Adjusted (2) Government Contacts (2)
Rank (2) Senior Agent, Department of Homeland Security Sorcery (5)
Addiction (1) smoking Obsession, Severe (2) discover family’s killer
Humorless (1) Talentless (2)
Obligation (2) Homeland Security Recurring Nightmares (1) death of his family
Adversary (1)
Government: Captain – Capitol Police: Stan Palmer
Government: Pentagon Source – military: General Justin Cartwright, US Army
Government: DHS – computer tech: McGee
Black Bindings Africa’s Dark Cults
Fists of Yog-Sothoth Sacrifice of the Awakening Ritual
* Strange Occurrences in the Caribbean
* The Art of Wax Modeling
* Gertrude Fernandez’ Journal
bulletproof vest, brown leather trench-coat, monogrammed zippo lighter, travel can hairspray. hand-cuffs, zip-ties
Carried: Stored:
Smartgun (Big Pistol) 15 Glock pistol (Big Pistol) 15
service revolver (Holdout Gun) 12 back-up pistol (Holdout Gun) 12
Ritual Dagger (6) katana (Sword) 8
shotgun (20) hand taser (5)
telescoping baton (6) Zombie Hand
switchblade (2)
REPORTS – Jake’s Logs


Jake hardin 03Born: Tokyo, Japan (Father stationed there and met mother there). He carries a dual-citizenship, Japanese and U.S. Citizen.

Jake spent the first 6 years of his life in Japan. A military brat raised by a tough father, doting mother and strange uncles with lots of tattoos. During his childhood in Japan he was taught Kendo. Do to his father’s military career; Jake traveled the world with his parents: Greece, Germany, Spain, England, Alaska, Virginia, Colorado, and Texas. All of this was before he turned 18. He took up boxing because he was a short, scrawny kid. The growth spurt came late in life.

He went to college at Purdue, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science: International Studies. It was at college he met Jennifer Kane, a fellow student from England. They fell in love. After college, Jake joined the Army (following an old family tradition) as Military Intelligence. Just before his first tour, he married Jennifer in a small ceremony with just family and a few friends. He served 8-years with two tours of that in Iraq.

He was recruited by the Department of Homeland Security right after leaving the service. He was stationed in Washington D.C. It was here his daughter Bailey was born. She was the apple of his eye. Everything he ever wanted had come true.

After one late night, he was called to his home by police. His wife and daughter had been brutally killed by apparent cultists. The killers have never been caught. Jake became a broken man. He took up smoking (a vice of his wife’s) using her monogrammed zippo lighter. He was no longer the care free funny guy who always smiled and had a kind word for even a stranger. He focused only on his work, cutting off even relations with his parents. He is relentless in his pursuit of his family’s killers, delving into the study of the occult, looking for answers.

Jake D. Hardin

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