Joseph "Big Joey" Grazziano

Mafia Leg-Breaker


Str 6
Dex 4
Con 5
Int 2
Per 3
Will 4
Sanity 4
Resist Fear: 9

Computers 1
Crime 5
Driving 4
Getting Medieval 2
Gun Fu 4
Influence 1
Knowledge 2
Kung Fu 6
Languages 1
Mr. Fix-It 2
Notice 3
Sports 5

Qualities: Wise Guy, Athlete, Resources 2, Nerves of Steel, Natural Toughness, Criminal Contacts 2, Good Luck 1, Hard to Kill 5, Fast Reaction Time, Situational Awareness, Pain Resistance 2

Drawbacks: Greed-Serious, Cruelty-Mild, Reckless-Mild, Obligation: Major, Secret: Made Man

Equipment: Baseball Bat, .357 Magnum, Sawed-off Shotgun, Switchblade


Joseph Grazziano spent his early years completely unaware of the family “business”. When he was 15 his mother died and was about to be put into foster care. At his mother’s funeral he met his Uncle who he had heard about but had never met. His mother refused to answer any questions about his family. Joey was simply grateful he didn’t have to go into foster care. When he first moved in with his uncle he didn’t pay much attention to the strange hours his uncle kept or the endless amount of family members that would drop by. In fact, he was excited that he had more family members. As he grew older he continued to be successful in school and playing baseball as his mother would’ve wanted. His senior year he was even offered a scholarship to play for the University of South Florida. Just before graduation however, his whole life changed. His uncle decided it was time that Joey learn the family business. Despite the fact that his mother tried to hide him from this world, Joey found himself fascinated with it but ultimately decided to pursue baseball. The night of his graduation, tragedy struck. His uncle was killed in a conflict with a rival family. Joseph swore revenge and went to talk with his “extended” family to ask for an opportunity to avenge his uncle. They were more than willing to accept him into the fold and his skills with a bat turned out to make him an excellent “debt-collection” specialist. He has been working for the family ever since. For the last several years he has been partners with a con-man type. They work well together. He does the talking and if that fails, Joey does the breaking.

Joey recently has taken a long term leave of absence from Division X for Sanity Reasons.

Joseph "Big Joey" Grazziano

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