S&W Model 10

Jake's service revolver

weapon (ranged)

Type: Holdout Pistol
Damage: 2x 12 Bullet Damage + Success Levels

Weight: 28oz
Length: 4.5in
Cartridge: .38 special
Capacity: 6 shots


The M&P/Model 10 has been available in both blued steel finish and nickel finish for most of its production run. The model has also been offered throughout the years with both the round butt and square butt (i.e. grip patterns). Beginning with the Model 10-5 series in the late 1960s, the tapered barrel and its trademark ‘half moon’ front sight were replaced by a straight bull barrel and a sloped milled ramp front sight. Late model Model 10s are capable of handling any .38 Special cartridge produced today up to and including P rounds.

As of 2012 the Model 10 was available only in a 4" (102mm) barrel model. The Model 10’s stainless steel counterpart, the Smith & Wesson Model 64, is also available with only a 4" (102 mm) barrel. Jake uses an older model with the 2" barrel.

S&W Model 10

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