Challengers of Olympus

Prequel 1: Fangs in the Desert
This is only the beginning.

Charlie Proudstar and his squad of marines have been ordered to take down a terrorist hideout somewhere deep in the Middle East. The cover of night hides their approach to an old abandoned apartment building that looks like it has seen better decades. Using his well honed sense of hearing, Charlie decides the building is clear. He searches quickly for a “soft entrance” and enters the building with his men. Lying on the floor inside are several dead terrorists in various states and poses. The pure grotesque-ness of the scene challenges the stomach of his men but they fight through it. Using his keen perception, Charlie determines that these men were assaulted by one very strong and fast individual. Some have had their necks snapped, their throats torn open, and in one case their entire head removed. The two younger soldiers stand watch on the first floor as Charlie is ordered to proceed with clearing the building.

Accomapanied by the two more seasoned soldiers, they stealthily climb the stairs and take in the view of the second floor. Several doors line the hallway and Charlie hears movement coming from only one of them. After checking the other doors, Charlie kicks down the flimsy door leading to the inhabited room only to see a terrorist with a monstrous visage feeding on another terrorist. One of his squadmates runs in terror at the sight but the other stands vigilant. With surprising strength, the creature tosses his victim at Charlie to little effect. Charlie and his squadmate open fire with their assault rifles and are shocked to discover their lack of effect on the creature. Crossing the room in a blur, the creature grabs Charlie and bites him. Not knowing whether Charlie would live, his squadmate fires his weapon on full auto managing to surprise the creature enough to release Charlie. Charlie attempts to behead the creature with his tactical tomahawk but he is too nimble. The creature switches targets long enough to toss his squadmate through the window just as the two downstairs barrel into the room guns blazing. After suffering several severe wounds and dozens of bullets, the creature appears as though he intends to jump out the window to escape. Just moments before he does, in a moment of epic timing, Charlie tosses his tomahawk at him and beheads the creature turning him into dust.

After reporting in Charlie waits for extraction which comes in the form of a black SUV. A call from base reassures Charlie that he should get into the SUV where he meets two strange government types that are very curious about his encounter with the creature they call a “vampire”. They recruit him to work as a military liason to a civilian organization known only as Division X.

Prequel 2: The I in Teamwork
How many Mobsters does it take to beat up an old Asian woman?

Charlie Proudstar has been sent to investigate some unusual occurrences happening at a New Age Magic Shop in Baltimore,MD called The Little Tragedies Magic Shop. Meanwhile, at the same time a couple of wise guys (Gieuseppe J. “Guy” Anderko and Joey Grazziano) have been sent to remind the Proprietor of said shop that she is behind in her payments. Charlie arrives first and checks out the store to see if anything is out of the ordinary. The two mobsters arrive shortly thereafter and wait for the big Indian guy to take off before approaching the elderly woman who owns the shop.

Hearing some strange sounds from the backroom Charlie pays the woman to let him back into the room for “Special Customers”. Expecting to find some kinky Chinese prostitutes, Charlie is quite surprised to find a robed man Asian man preparing to ritually sacrifice a young Asian woman on an altar to some strange tentacled idol. The robed man asks Charlie if he is there for the sacrifice. Charlie’s acting skills aren’t quite up to par so he resorts to the one thing he knows, violence and quickly knocks the man out. Just as he frees the woman he hears gunshots from the other room.

Outside Guy has confronted the owner who is refusing to pay. When he begins breaking things the woman isn’t happy and begins to chant as a black bolt of lightning emits from her hand straight into Guy’s chest. Joey swings his bat at her but she nimbly ducks out of the way. Guy pulls his gun and shoots the woman in the shoulder. In the backroom Charlie makes a terrible attempt to communicate with the woman to make sure she stays put as he goes to open the door to see whats going on. He is shocked that these two Italian men are shooting a “defenseless” old Asian woman. He sneaks behind them and tries to knock their heads together as the woman blasts Guy again. Guy shoots her again only to see the bullet stop before it hits her. This doesn’t surprise Charlie who assumes this is Asian magic at work. Joey unloads his .357 into her and although only 2 of the 5 bullets get through its enough to end her life. Before long the cops arrive and arrest everybody.

Despite Charlie’s insistence there is no captive woman in the back. Fortunately someone has taken an interest in the three men. A lawyer arrives informing them that he can arrange their release if they agree to come work for his organization. Not having much choice, they agree. They are taken in a stereotypical black SUV where they tell their story to the agents. They are then informed that there is one task they have to perform yo join the organization. They must make their way to a set of coordinates provided to them by the agents in 48 hours. The team is dropped off just outside Baltimore and so their adventure has just begun.

Session 1: Over the Hill and Through the Woods
Deep Ones right up in your face!

Seeking to get to their coordinates in style, Guy calls up a limo service to take them to Clarksburg,MD (which Guy was able to cleverly deduce was their destination by entering in the coordinates on his smartphone’s GPS). After arriving in the small town (which is also apparently an area for government communication system testing…thanks wikipedia), Charlie bums some money off of Guy since he left all his weapons in his car in Baltimore while Guy buys supplies that he thinks are appropriate for a hike to the coordinates. Unfortunately the pawn shop does NOT carry tactical tomahawks so Charlie settles for a replica Lord of the Rings sword and some rope. For some reason he didn’t buy a gun. Joey settled on a shotgun. Guy returned with lots of trail mix and granola bars which only made Charlie give him a “Granola bars, really?” look. After making a quick stop at a local vet to get patched up from their Asian cultist fight they set out to the coordinates.

They finally come across an old abandoned warehouse and hangar. A quick look around reveals some hidden surveillance cameras, footprints, and tire tracks but no people. Guy easily picks the lock to the warehouse and opens the door. The horrible odor of rotten fish emanates from inside making Charlie a tad queasy. Though dark inside, Guy turns out indeed to have an app for that. Checking through some boxes reveals various tools and gas cans (but strangly no glass gas containers). In the midst of their rummaging Charlie hears something coming towards them. Guy turns his flashlight just in time to see a monstrous human fish try to claw his guts out. In a panic he scrambles through another box only to find some old baby dolls which he chucks at the creature anyway. The creature claws a chunk out of Guy’s chest as Joey blows his away with his shotgun.Two of the creatures attack Charlie before he runs one of them through with his sword. Guy shoots his but it keeps coming so Joey finishes it off for him. Leaving only one fighting Charlie, he tries to decapitate it with little luck. Guy attempts to taze the thing and somehow misses it. Joey manages to blow its head off. Suddenly the lights come up and a middle aged agent enters the room clapping and congratulating them on their performance. Confused, they look around to find the creatures’ bodies gone and replaced with men pulling off some sort of holographic stealth armor. Apparently they passed the entrance exam for Division X. They are led outside to a chopper waiting to take them to HQ. A short ride later our heroes are on an elevator taking them inside Division X as they are introduced to the organization. After that they are taken to their rooms where they prepare for their first mission.

Jake's Log
Log 0001

Jake hardin logIt has been 3 years since their murders. 3 years and I don’t feel any closer to getting answers then when I started. And it is getting harder to remember them, remember the little things, the smiles, and the laughter…the family. Another cigarette and back to the paperwork on my desk. No smoking in government buildings, screw that, I disabled the smoke detectors years ago, and my bosses look the other way because I am damn good at my job – I get results.

But today I just can’t seem to focus. I know why…today is her birthday. Today my little girl would have turned 13. I look over at my holstered gun…it would be so easy…I could see them again, be with them. But I wouldn’t have answers, and the bastards that took them would still be out there.

The ringing phone startles me back to the present.

Session 2: Leaving on a jet-plane...
Definitely not one four hour long racist joke.

After finishing their initial training period with Division X, the new agents are given their first mission. A group of archaeologists working in Cote d’Ivoire have gone missing.They appear to be sponsored in some way by Division X. The mission is simple enough. Travel to Africa and find the missing dig team or find out what happened to them. The team is given the cover of CIA agents and a flight is booked for them out of BWI airport.

Needless to say, the team stands out like a scientologist in a redneck bar. (not to mention the fact that Joey doesn’t understand the term “concealed weapon”) Before long they notice that they are being tailed by not one, but two people. Charlie assumes since both the smoking man (not that one) and the redhead following them are pale they must therefore be vampires. The woman runs off the second she realizes she’s been spotted. Thanks to Charlie’s heightened senses (and heightened…um, height) they don’t lose track of her. Charlie begins to barrel through the crowd after her, the pale smoking man right behind him warning people to get out of the way and flashing his Dept. of Homeland security badge. Charlie manages to grab her, but despite his and the Homeland Security agent’s best efforts she nearly manages to escape. Her nearly superhuman strength and reaction time only fuel Charlie’s vampire theory. A bullet to the woman’s leg ends her resistance as she passes out.

A quick search of the woman reveals nothing (ok it reveals some stuff, but nothing to do with the plot…ahem) except a tattoo on her right shoulder. Guy recognizes it as belonging to the The Cult of the Bloody Tongue , a Mythos cult. Finally the Homeland Security agent introduces himself as Jake D. Hardin and claims to be investigating an anonymous tip that a high profile member of a domestic terrorist group (The Church of the Mourning Star) was going to be at the airport. Guy recognizes the name as a front for the real cult, the Cult of the Bloody Tongue but says nothing. They agree to work on the case together (despite Jake’s misgivings about the team being CIA). The plane trip is mostly uneventful except for Charlie nearly being poisoned to death by a stewardess who bore a resemblance to both the lead archaeologist of the missing team, Nadia Jackson, and a suspected member of the Church of The Mourning Star. After arriving in Africa, the team heads to the main dig site to check it out.

They are surprised to find the site surrounded in crime scene tape. The local authorities seem uneasy about entering or letting anyone else do so. After speaking to, and promptly bribing, one of the local cops (Abidemi Bello), Jake learns someone high up the political chain shut down the investigation before it could be done. He also learns that Ivory Coast’s currency is the West African Franc (and the exchange rate is like 1 us dollar equals about 5000 West African Francs)! The More You Know! Needless to say, Abidemi was very happy to provide as much assistance as possible. (The next time he shows up he has a pimp suit and gold teeth…let the stereotyping begin) The team checks out the trashed office of Dr. Nadia Jackson (whose wallpaper is apparently so mesmerizing Guy didn’t even notice there was a laptop in the room). They manage to find all sorts of useful stuff including a map of the dig site along with some handwritten notes, a rubbing of one of the tablets discovered by the archaeologists, a laptop hard drive (which somehow only Joey had the technical know-how to remove), some blood splatter, and a digital recorder with some very creepy stuff on it. Thanks to Jake’s book, “Africa’s Dark Cults” they were able to translate some of the writing from the tablet rubbing. Like many creepy, ancient tablets of unknown origin this tablet didn’t really have good news.

On the map they located the specific tunnel where the archaeologists had originally discovered the tablet. They went to check out the tunnel only to discover it was sealed with strange symbols similar to the ones on the rubbing. It appeared as though the symbols were inscribed on movable stones. Guy quickly realized this was a puzzle and the symbols related to the Mythos but he was unsure how exactly the puzzle worked. The team decided to retire for the night to a local hotel to rest up and conduct some research. Jake invited Abidemi to dinner to see about getting some more information and Guy chose to “recruit” Jake into Division X by spilling all the Mythos-beans. The team’s handler, Agent Jack Preston , was not happy about the decision (seeing as how Guy didn’t actually have the authority to recruit people). Upon learning some of the truth, Jake seemed to relax a bit. It appeared that the murder of his family had something to do with the Cult of the Bloody Tongue. Dinner with Abidemi provided a major piece of new information. Apparently the Kenyan Ambassador to Cote d’Ivoire had the investigation of the dig site shut down. Abidemi promised to look more into this interesting development. Finally, the team tried to get some sleep only to be awoken to the inhuman sounds of something trying to bust down the hotel door. Our heroes found themselves face-to-face with horrible gelatinous tentacled creatures armed with spears. The creatures even managed to startle Jake. Guy realized however that these were Moon Beasts, creatures often summoned by servants of The Cult of the Bloody Tongue. Jake discovered that bullets weren’t particularly effective against them (although tomahawks, baseball bats, and fiery blankets seem to do the trick just fine). The battle ended with the agents victorious, but with their hotel room destroyed. The hotel manager wasn’t happy until he realized he was dealing with people who had quite a bit of American money. Division X wasn’t particularly happy about that credit card bill. On the plus side, most of the hotel staff retired on the damages the hotel charged to the team. Sleep after the intense encounter didn’t come easy for anyone especially Jake who has a long history of horrible nightmares.

The next morning (after managing to find the key to the puzzle), the fearless (some more so than others) agents went back to the dig site and unsealed the chamber. Inside were the dead bodies of the archaeology team (minus its leader, Dr. Nadia Jackson), two damaged tablets, and one missing tablet. The scene was one described in Jake’s book, the ritual known as the Sacrifice of Awakening. As Guy knelt to inspect the bodies, one of them grabbed him by the throat. Fortunately, zombies apparently have nothing on moon beasts and between Jake’s gun fu, Charlie’s tomahawk, Joey’s bat, and Guy’s summoned spectral blade, they made quick work of the zombies. What lays ahead for our intrepid agents? Stay tuned to find out.

Session 3: Let's Ocean's 11 This Shit!
I really need to hit something. Does the gardener diddle the children?

Delta Team continues its investigation into the disappearance of the Division X archeology team in the Cote d’Ivoire. After cleaning up from their zombie attack, they head back to the hotel and begin to do some research into some of their leads. In reality since none of them has a computer skill above 3, they make their company tech guys do it for them. Damn you 21st Century! After getting into Nadia’s hard drive, the tech guys send Guy some email that contains some correspondance between Nadia and the Red Diamond Mining Company. The company was interested in funding the dig and any discoveries made by Dr. Jackson. She indicated that she was not interested which didn’t seem to please the representative of the mining company. The team also learned that Nadia was a professor of archeology at Miskatonic University. The hard drive also contained some video, pictures of the other two damaged tablets, and a partial translation. The video showed Nadia being dragged off by someone else who looked alot like her. Based on their previous translation work and some more reading of Africa’s Dark Cults they learned that the sacrifice of the awakening could only happen every 5 years at the Mountain of the Black Wind (conveniently the name of the extinct volcano that the HQ of Red Diamond Mining Company is located next to), it required a week of preparation, and required a true “high priestess”.

Guy and Jake started doing some investigation into Dr. Jackson’s background as well as the Red Diamond Mining Company. Sadly, Charlie and Joey felt kinda useless during the investigation phase. They discovered that Nadia was one of three sisters who were orphaned at a young age when their parents were murdered during an occultic ritual. Nadia herself was adopted by American missionaries. Her sister, Amelie, was adopted by a close family friend and her other sister, Ahlonna, ran away only weeks after being orphaned. The unusual part is that the one living relative, a great uncle, refused to adopt the girls. Later the group found out that the uncle happened to be the same Kenyan ambassador who shut down the initial investigation into the archeological team’s disapperance.

Research into the Red Diamond Mining Company revealed that it is based out of Eldoret, Kenya near an extinct volcano and it primarily mines flurospar (which is apparently used in optics…wikipedia strikes again!). It also seems to have a shady reputation. Over the years it has been in operation, a number of strange accidents and disappearances have been reported only to be hushed down fairly quickly by local authorities who are most definitely in the company’s pocket. Some conspiracy theory-alien agenda sites claim that the company’s leaders are involved in occultic rituals and alien negotiations (that could never happen, right?). It also turns out that Nadia’s uncle also happens to be a major shareholder in Red Diamond Mining Company. The plot seems to indeed thicken.

Seeing as all the major leads are located in Kenya, the team decides to book a flight to Kenya. Before heading out, they check on Abidemi Bello whom they haven’t heard from in awhile. They do receive a text message revealing the uncle’s identity as ambassador of Kenya to Cote d’Ivoire. Unfortunately Abidemi’s text cuts off which worries the team. So they track down Abdiemi’s address and convince the security guard to let them in. The apartment shows some blood stains and signs of a general ransacking.The team searches the place but Guy gets memorized by the wallpaper (damn that Mythos wallpaper!). They find Abidemi’s research on Dr. Jackson and the Red Diamond Mining Company as well as some files on his external hard drive that was located in a hidden safe which Charlie and Guy were able to open. Of course Guy broke the code and so Charlie (who was crowbarring the thing) fell on his ass when the safe swung open. Guy was quite annoyed with having another hard drive to get into so he over-nighted some hardware to use from Amazon. The hard drive also revealed the adoption agency that Nadia was adopted from and some background information on her family. Our team also tried calling the ambassador’s office to set up an appointment only to find he was out of the country. (Surprise, Surprise) With that done, they settled in for the night prepared to head to Kenya the next morning.

The plane trip to Kenya was a most interesting one seeing as how it involved Guy holding a group therapy session for Joey and Jake on a crowded plane. Charlie tried really hard not to laugh every time Guy mentioned “oral fixation”. After arrival in Kenya, the group set out to the Hope House of Kenya Adoption Agency to find out more about Nadia. By this point Charlie felt the need to commit some violence. Fortunately the gardener at the adoption agency was (as Charlie put it) “diddling the children”. (I don’t really think it was fortunate for the children though…) At any rate, Charlie saved the day by removing the gardener from his job (and breaking his arm in the process) which temporarily satisfied his need for violence. (At least he channeled his aggression in a positive way.) After meeting with an agent and going through some old adoption files, the team discovered some more details on the circumstances surrounding the adoption of Nadia and her two sisters.

After finishing up at the adoption agency, the team headed to the Headquarters of the Red Diamond Mining Company. To Guy’s dismay they did not offer tours (especially at 10 o’clock at night although they might offer glass bottles of gasoline). Then the team came up with an amazing idea. They would fake being rich investors and gain a meet that way. They headed to an upscale hotel (which Guy paid for because he is apparently a millionaire) that served all the team’s needs (and I mean all their needs ). It was decided that Charlie would pretend to be a Casino owner (not stereotypical at all), Joey would be his body guard, Guy his financial adviser, and Jake his personal servant.

The next morning the team headed to the Red Diamond Mining Company once again and were taken on a tour of the operation. They noticed a few things out of place. First of all, all the employees wore a red stripe down their pants and shirts (possibly relating to The Cult of the Bloody Tongue ) and a highly secured private elevator for upper-management types. With Jake running interference, Joey managed to pickpocket the access card to the elevator. Later, the team started to question one of the representatives sent to discuss investment options with them (they were awful nosy) about security measures and emergency procedures. Seemed like once again, Jake wanted to set the place on fire and Guy wanted to blow it up. While they discussed a plan, Charlie and Joey checked out the armory. When all was said and done, they just decided that pulling the fire alarm would work just fine. They were prepared to take out the elevator guards but Guy used his powers of persuasion to let them take the elevator to evacuate since Charlie was a “very important man”. They took the elevator to the bottom basement and came face-to-face with a giant vault door. Thanks to Guy’s criminal expertise they were able to get past the lock and head into a series of underground tunnels. Familiar chanting could be heard in the distance as the team prepared for a fight. Joey was worried that he hadn’t brought his bat, so Charlie Hulked a metal pipe out of the floor for him (whatever works I guess). They did manage to come across a guard whom they somehow (a drama point and like 7 successes on an influence roll) convinced that they had gotten lost. When he turned his back Jake tased him just before the guard pulled out his SMG. Charlie’s tomahawk made short work of the guard (mostly by cutting him in half). Following the firelight and chanting, the team finally made it to the inner chamber where the ritual was already in progress. On an altar lie the body of Abdiemi with the Kenyan ambassador standing over him chanting an holding a wicked looking dagger in his hand. The three sisters were also there chanting. Though everyone managed to be very stealthy, the ambassador already had security in place in the form of a dimensional shambler (which nearly killed Jake). This horrible being from another plane of existence scared the bejesus out of Joey who passed out from fear which left Jake, Guy, and Charlie to face off against the cultists. Jake was very disappointed when his well-aimed head shot bounced off the ambassador’s protective field. Each of them faced near death but were ultimately triumphant due to Guy’s spectral blade, Charlie’s tomahawk, and Jake’s gun. Nadia was saved as she wasn’t actually evil (just brain-washed) as was Abidemi who promptly took off telling them that he hoped to never see any of them again. (To be fair, he was nearly sacrificed to a dark god.) When Joey woke up, his brain was still a little shaky and Jake convinced him that he brought Joey back from the dead as a zombie. (Passing out in fear because of horrible hell-spawned creatures tends to make one suggestible.) As our heroes head back to the states for some much-needed rest, they take comfort in the fact that they prevented the summoning of the Black Pharoah. I wonder what lies ahead for them…Stay Tuned and find out!

Jake's Log
Log 0002

Jake hardin logThe nightmares have quieted right now. Not sure if that a good thing but since I have started down the hole into the world of the “Mythos” my mind seems at peace, with razor sharp clarity. It probably won’t last, but if it gets me answers and resolution, then insanity be damned, I will have my vengeance!

It is a day of fact-finding, the typical cop-work I am used to and very good at. Using my Department resources and those of Division X we build a stronger foundation for our case. Our missing archaeologist is one of a set of triplets, born to educated, cultist parents. Parents labeled as dissidents, leading to prison, and then to their deaths 3 months after release. The three sisters were split up and fostered with three different families.

Session 4: I used to be a cultist, but then I took a bullet to the knee...
Is there a man version of this prison and what do I have to do to get sent there?

After recovering from their previous mission, Delta Team is once again ready to launch into action. Agent Jack Preston sends them the details on their new mission. It turns out that the woman that Jake shot at the airport back in Session 2 has gone missing from her hospital room. Seeing as she is currently Division X’s only real connection to The Cult of the Bloody Tongue our team is sent to recover her.

The team does some research on the woman (and once again by team I mean their computer people…) which reveals some interesting details. Helena Wright was a military brat born in Maryland. She attended and was summarily kicked out of boot camp after which she joined the Cult. During her time with the cult, she was arrested for identity theft and sentenced to 15 years at the Alderson, West Virginia Federal Prison Camp for women (aka Camp Cupcake…no seriously). She was released after only two years when a letter from the office of the governor ordered her release. Shortly after she disappeared off the grid for awhile only to reappear on the fateful day at BWI Airport.

The team heads to the local John Hopkins Hospital to check out the crime scene. They are not impressed by the lack of detail in the report which only states that nothing was found except the dead guard with the broken neck who was supposed to be keeping an eye on Helena. Neither were they impressed that both Local law enforcement and Homeland Security had been there without adding much detail to the case. It didn’t help that every camera in a two mile radius had been knocked out for about 15 minutes. At the hospital they found some bits of colored beeswax that they couldn’t explain. Upon checking the visitor log and speaking with one of the security guards, they discovered that only two visitors had been on the floor the night before, a Gertrude and Jacob Fernandez. After looking into the name, all they could find was a marriage certificate from 1908 (when she married Jon Fernandez) in Monroe County, Florida and and an obituary dated September 3rd, 1919 from the Bahamas that mentioned a disturbed grave. They spoke to the on-duty nurse to get a basic description of the visitor to generate a sketch which matched the pictures of the woman from 1908. Seeing as she hadn’t aged a day and was pale, the team made the assumption that this woman was a vampire. Some research into her husband, Jon, revealed that he had been a talented wax sculptor back in the 1920s. Unfortunately he died in a mysterious explosion that took out a wax museum he owned in the Bahamas. He had also written a book, The Art of Wax Modeling , which had been banned and proved quite difficult to track down.

The team followed their leads as best they could. Guy contacted the estate of a Sir William Brand who was listed as the only known person to have a copy of the book. After deciphering some clues and reading Brand’s book, Strange Occurrences in the Caribbean , they found that they had stumbled onto a much deeper and much older mystery. The team also took a little trip to the Alderson Prison Camp (which seemed more like a resort than a prison) to get some information on Helena. They discovered that even the warden had trouble finding her records. They managed to get a contact email for her and that was about it. They did discover one important detail, Jack Preston’s signature was on her release form.

The team headed back to DC intent on confronting Jack, but decided to rest at a hotel. That night, Jack decided to confront them. Acting defensive, he showed up in the middle of the night demanding answers as to what they’ve been doing. Charlie (in typical Charlie fashion) wasn’t very patient and when Jack turned to leave, he grabbed Jack. Much to his regret, they learned that Jack wasn’t what he appeared to be. He seemed to be at least as strong as Charlie and highly resistant to damage (including Jake’s bullet to his forehead). Guy used his spectral razor spell to make short work of him and Jack literally fell to pieces (pieces of wax). Somebody was on their trail…

Session 5: Pirates of the Caribbean (Not associated in any way with Disney)
What's a pirates favorite drink? ArrrrrC Cola.

Delta Team arrives in Nassau on Guy’s dime. Afraid that Division X has been compromised by wax people, they make the decision not to inform anyone of their whereabouts. When they arrive, they find that they have two possible leads. The first is the Wax Museum of Jon Fernandez which was destroyed back in the 1920s. The other is the Insane Asylum that was also destroyed under unusual circumstances around the same time.

Jake and Guy head to the local PD to see if they can dig up some information on any recent strange goings-on or maybe find some records of the incidents mentioned in Sir William Brand’s book. The local officer on duty, Dwight Oswald (an American Ex-Pat) seems to be exactly what the pair are looking for. He seems to be familiar with the case going back to the 1920s. He informs the team that a number of incidents took place all within about a two week time period. A series of buildings were destroyed in mysterious explosions, a local Rum-runner was nearly assassinated, and an earthquake shook the island. He also lets Jake know that when he was looking into things, people quietly encouraged him to drop it. The only unusual thing happening in modern times is a number of disappearances of corpses from local funeral homes. (Of course once again, the team assumes there are vampires about…lol!)

The team decide to go check out the new museum that has been built on the remains of the old Wax Museum, Pirates of Nassau. They learn that the land has only been recently reclaimed by the Fernandez family. They are welcomed by the intrepid Captain Jake Sparrow to take a virtual voyage on the Black Diamond and face the Flying Irishman who’ve come straight from Bobby Jones’ locker. (He was very concerned about copyright infringement.) After a slew of bad pirate jokes and badly designed interactive exhibits, the team reaches the Hall of Pirates which is full of life-size wax dolls of famous pirates that all look extremely lifelike. Jake takes some pictures to analyze later while the others question the good Captain. They learn that he used to work the Galley aboard Her Majesty’s Ship the Denny’s. They also learn that he learned his trade (wax modeling that is) from his kindly grandparents (Gertrude Fernandez and Jon Fernandez). After refusing to spend ridiculous amounts of money at the gift shop the team heads out to investigate further. Jake texts the pictures of the museum to Officer Oswald as well as his tech team at the FBI to check them against missing corpses. Shock and surprise there are several matches and McGee points out that there appears to be a hidden panel beneath the statue of Jon Fernandez.

After some dinner, Delta Team rolls up to the Sandilands Mental Hospital (built on the remains of Sandilands Asylum) to see what information they can find on this very old case. An email to the estate of William Brand is replied to with two names: Jonathan Hill and Anke Krausse. Both born in 1889, both guests at the Blackfin Hotel in Key West and both disappeared in the Bahamas in 1923. The pieces do appear to be falling into place. The Mental Hospital itself is quite stereotypically creepy and the guard on duty is none-to-happy to have late night guests. Charlie proves to be quite convincing that they need access to the hospital’s records. The Director of the facility, Dr. Daniel Freeman reluctantly agrees to allow them access. That is until they mention the incidents from 1923. It turns out his is very interested in what took place in his hospital back then. The team searches through the old paper records and manages to come up with a few tidbits of interesting information. Anke Krausse and Jonathan Hill both were one-time patients at the hospital where they miraculously cured of sea madness. Also, Jon and Gertrude Fernandez were frequent visitors to the asylum’s library. Dr. Freeman informs them that there are more records but they are sealed in one of the Old Asylum’s basements. The only problem is that no one is brave enough to go down there. Not even the doctor himself.

Breaking the boards sealing the entrance to the basement takes little effort on behalf of Charlie. Guy stops to set up a safety net insuring nothing bad can come in or out of the basement and places an Elder Seal at the entrance. As they make their way down into the basement however, they are filled with an otherworldly dread. Guy is momentarily shaken as his mind temporarily shuts down to avoid the fear within. Fortunately, his mind latches onto the last safe place he can remember being, the Pirate Museum. Turns out Guy is a bigger fan of pirates than he remembered. In the basement they find full treatment records for various patients, a brain preserved in a strange looking cylinder, Gertrude’s old journal, and some telekinetic zombie doctors with surgical saws. (Sucks to be them) Joey is put out for the count by a surgical saw to the face, leaving the team one man short. Before leaving they discover one more clue, a small lead box that seems to vibrate with power when shaken. (Don’t know why anyone thought that was a good idea.) The treatment records indicate that a number of experimental methods were used on patients from implanting “brain-worms” into people that eat brain tissue and cause their host to become very vulnerable to mind control to using therapeutic music to put them in a hypnotic state, to even exposing them to a strange black meteorite that caused most people to be calm, go insane, or die (and sometimes all three). On their way out as Jake crosses the threshold of the Elder Seal, the lead box begins to reverberate as Jake’s eyes roll back up into his head. A number of strange visions fill Jake’s mind from a black void at sea causing earthquakes, to spider-human hybrids playing violins, to seeing the facilities’ old doctors being flamethrower-ed to death. For some reason the team decides that opening the box is a good idea. Inside is a piece of black crystal that pulses with a bright purplish energy. The ritual dagger carried by Jake seems to resonate with the crystal. The humming of the crystal seems to penetrate their entire beings.

The team heads back up to Dr. Freeman with their new acquisitions and the Doctor does his best to patch Joey up. They read through Gertrude’s journal and realize she was created by Jon Fernandez back in the 1920s in an attempt to resurrect his dead wife. They also learn that she slowly went mad and turned on him thanks to the influence of a “new teacher”. They decide to rest and head back to the museum in the morning.

Delta Team heads back to the museum (Guy with particular enthusiasm this time). After enduring the tour the second time, they make it back to the Hall of Pirates. Guy distracts the Captain at the gift shop while Charlie and Jake break into what appears to be a secret lab beneath the hidden panel under the statue of Jon Fernandez. Guys buys a ton of stuff and convinces the Captain that he must go bury the treasure before Guy deserves it. They then all head into the lab. On two tables lie Agent Jack Preston and Helena Wright who both look like they are being prepared for surgery. They also find four newly-made wax pirates and a huge vat of wax. The fun begins as an invisible assailant kicks Guy in the nuts. The team then faces off against four very deadly wax pirates and an invisible Gertrude Fernandez. The battle is deadly and Gertrude very well equipped but they are no match for Delta Team. What happens next? Find out next time.

Jake's Log
Log 0003

Jake hardin logIt was hot and humid when we arrived in the Bahamas. Hell, it was humid when we left DC, so whatever. A cab to a hotel and then get a lay of the land.

With all the facts, research and just plain weird shit from earlier, including a wax-boss, we had to be a bit more careful. Just one of those wax bastards was pretty damn tough. So I do the cop-to-cop thing and meet the local constabulary. Officer Oswald, one of only two gents on duty. Oswald is a little older, and we hit it off. I just let on we are looking for some fugitives, the white-collar type that steal bank money and hope to get away with it.

We will skirt around the whole undead, zombie, wax people thing…no sense getting locked up too early.


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