Division X

Call of Cthulhu Organization: C.O.O. (Challengers of Olympus) aka Division X.

Founder: US Senator Paul Blake
Director: Former Senator Allen Sparks
Assistant Directors: Denise Tegra, Joseph Zin, Kevin Donovan
Handlers: Agent Jack Preston(Delta Team)

Goals and Agenda: Protect the world from the Mythos threat while hiding its existence. Study the threats to understand them better.

Origins: Paul Blake’s family was kidnapped and killed by cultists who sacrificed them to Cthulhu. Using his money and connections he began to study this new world and vowed to fight it. Thus, the Challengers of Olympus (codenamed Division X) was born. Senator Blake and his new supporters began searching for extraordinary people to join the organization as Field Agents. Division X employs Doctors, Scientists, Soldiers, Cops, and other extraordinary people.

Recent History: After nearly ten years of existence, Division X has gathered more and more supporters (including the incredibly wealthy types) and expanded to employ nearly 300 full time employees. This recent expansion has included an increased focus on new recrutiment.

Organization Points: 32
Character Control: Agents

Financial 3: In the Money: The organization has ample funds including at least a few million dollars in assets. Members are paid handsomely (associates should have at least Average Resources-probably one or two levels above it), and “petty cash” can cover things up to several thousand dollars easily. Major projects involving expenditures in the six-figure range are affordable, although only for good reasons (building a beach house for the chairman of the board is not a good reason-but might get done anyway).

Government 4: Agency: The organization has the power to conduct investigations and make arrests; it is equivalent to a local or national law enforcement agency. If the group is covert or secret, its members can commit all manner of illegal activities while on a mission and expect the more legit members of the government to cover them up. Members have the proverbial license to kill, within certain parameters, of course (no, you can’t shoot people you don’t like and claim you were on a mission). Contacts include senators and governors, maybe even the president.

Supernatural 2: Occultists: The group has extensive occult knowledge, including a large collection of arcane tomes (minimum Occult Archives 3, purchased separately). Members have basic magical training. Contacts with the supernatural may include spirits or demons who are obligated or willing to offer information.

Huge: Something the size of a small shopping mall or military base. Plenty of room for parking, not to
mention training facilities, shooting ranges, laboratories, and a bowling alley (if you’re pinning for pins).

One Location: The group has only one “home office.” If the agents travel away from it, they have to
make do with hotel rooms and expense accounts like us ordinary mortals. This does not cost points.
Physical Security: Level 3: Excellent: The facility is really hard to get in to or out of-ID cards are required to open doors, and all the security devices are top-notch (-8 to Crime rolls). Large facilities also have a security force (use the stats for W&H Goons, p. 208) that is plentiful (at least ten guards) and well-armed.

Supernatural Security: Level 1: Believers: Believers. Basic safeguards (like making sure the location is not a public place so vamps have to be invited in) and dedicated, and isolatable, facilities for conducting magical rituals.

Computers 3: Top-Notch: Even better, with powerful systems that can run face recognition software, enhance video, and do all kinds of cool research.

Lab/Research Facilities 3: Top-Notch: Extensive lab equipment and personnel (an on-call specialist and assistants complete with Science Skills 3-5) are available.

Medical Facilities 5: Full Scale: Now we are talking mini-hospital -a full clinic, able to deal with several casualties at once, conduct surgery, and do all kinds of neat medical stuff that you probably don’t want to watch.

Workshop/Repair Facilities 3: Top-Notch: Very large garage with extensive equipment, or hanger for smallish organizational plane. Personnel come in the package (on-call specialist and assistants complete with Mr. Fix-It Skills 3-5).

Occult Archive 3: Impressive: A good collection, including some very rare tomes of hidden lore. Rolls to identify monsters are at a +1 bonus, and as many as 120 spells can be researched. Cost is three points.

Training Facility: 3: Full Gym/Shooting Range

Vehicles: Vehicle Fleet: The group has several cars at its disposal, about one for every five employees.
Aircraft: A company jet is available, and boy is it swank.

Weapons: Getting Medieval: The group has a nice armory of archaic weapons, everything from basic pointy sticks to Bavarian fighting picks.
Paramilitary: The organization can call on military small arms like assault rifles, sub-machine guns, and other “whoa, back away quick” stuff.

Division X

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