Characters may have any weapons that are legally obtainable by a civilian.

Characters with Cop Quality may take any weapons available to law enforcement agencies.

Characters with Commando Quality may take any weapons available to military personnel appropriate to their rank. Unless you take the Rank Quality your rank begins at Corporal (or equivalent).

Characters with the Criminal Quality may take any weapons normally available to criminal organizations.


Characters may use any medieval armor (though you will stand out while you clank down main street). They may also use leather jackets or tweed jackets (for British types).

Characters with the Cop or Commando Qualities can use bullet proof vests.


Characters with at least 2 ranks in Drive (the minimum required to pass the test) may start with any regular civilian vehicle appropriate to their resources level.

Characters with the Cop Quality may start with a standard police cruiser.

Characters with the Commando Quality may start with a Hum-vee.


Characters can start with any equipment appropriate (and legal to own) to their job and resource level. This includes Computers, Cell Phones, Tool Kits, etc.


Characters may not start with any enchanted items or superscience items. All equipment must be appropriate to a modern-day (mostly realistic) setting.


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