Quality Changes

Changed Qualities

Initiative Commando: This quality now represents any intensive military training. A character with this quality knows nothing about the supernatural and doesn’t get a Taser Rifle.

Occult Library: This quality represents a book collection that contains many topics none of which are related to the Mythos. This collection also has no spells.

New Qualities

Mythos Library: This quality represents the number of Mythos books available to the character. This quality may not be bought at character creation nor purchased with experience points. It must be earned through the course of the game.

Well-Adjusted: 2/6-Point Quality- Add +1 to your permanent Sanity score and +1 to fear rolls. You may buy up to three levels of this quality.

Therapist: 4-Point Quality: Add +1 to either Int,Will,Per and +2 to Wild Card: Psychotherapy skill. Boost your resources level by one.

Doctor: 5-Point Quality: Add +1 to Int and +1 to Will or Per. Add +2 Doctor skill. Boost resources level by one.

Quality Changes

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