Skill Changes

New Skills

Wild Card: Mythos: This skill cannot be bought at character creation nor can it be raised with XP. It must be earned in game and represents a character’s knowledge of the Cthulhu Mythos. It is also the skill used when casting magic. For every 2 ranks a character has in Mythos, his sanity is permanently reduced by 1. Any sanity checks the character makes take a penalty based on their ranks in Mythos.
1: No Penalty

Wild Card: Psychotherapy: This is the skill required to restore any sanity lost by characters during their adventures. It is highly recommended that at least one character take ranks in this skill.

Changed Skills

Occultism: This skill represents knowledge of any non-Mythos creatures, books, etc. For anything related to Mythos characters must have ranks in Wild Card: Mythos.

Skill Changes

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