Challengers of Olympus

Prequel 1: Fangs in the Desert

This is only the beginning.

Charlie Proudstar and his squad of marines have been ordered to take down a terrorist hideout somewhere deep in the Middle East. The cover of night hides their approach to an old abandoned apartment building that looks like it has seen better decades. Using his well honed sense of hearing, Charlie decides the building is clear. He searches quickly for a “soft entrance” and enters the building with his men. Lying on the floor inside are several dead terrorists in various states and poses. The pure grotesque-ness of the scene challenges the stomach of his men but they fight through it. Using his keen perception, Charlie determines that these men were assaulted by one very strong and fast individual. Some have had their necks snapped, their throats torn open, and in one case their entire head removed. The two younger soldiers stand watch on the first floor as Charlie is ordered to proceed with clearing the building.

Accomapanied by the two more seasoned soldiers, they stealthily climb the stairs and take in the view of the second floor. Several doors line the hallway and Charlie hears movement coming from only one of them. After checking the other doors, Charlie kicks down the flimsy door leading to the inhabited room only to see a terrorist with a monstrous visage feeding on another terrorist. One of his squadmates runs in terror at the sight but the other stands vigilant. With surprising strength, the creature tosses his victim at Charlie to little effect. Charlie and his squadmate open fire with their assault rifles and are shocked to discover their lack of effect on the creature. Crossing the room in a blur, the creature grabs Charlie and bites him. Not knowing whether Charlie would live, his squadmate fires his weapon on full auto managing to surprise the creature enough to release Charlie. Charlie attempts to behead the creature with his tactical tomahawk but he is too nimble. The creature switches targets long enough to toss his squadmate through the window just as the two downstairs barrel into the room guns blazing. After suffering several severe wounds and dozens of bullets, the creature appears as though he intends to jump out the window to escape. Just moments before he does, in a moment of epic timing, Charlie tosses his tomahawk at him and beheads the creature turning him into dust.

After reporting in Charlie waits for extraction which comes in the form of a black SUV. A call from base reassures Charlie that he should get into the SUV where he meets two strange government types that are very curious about his encounter with the creature they call a “vampire”. They recruit him to work as a military liason to a civilian organization known only as Division X.


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