Helena Wright

Undercover Agent for Division X


Helena was tracking Guy, Charlie, and Joey at the BWI airport. Charlie managed to tackle her and after an intense struggle, Jake shot out her entire kneecap. She has recently gone missing from her hospital bed and Delta Team is currently trying to locate her. Helena is a military brat born in Maryland. She dropped out of Basic and joined the Cult of the Bloody Tongue. She was eventually arrested for identity theft and imprisoned at Alderson Federal Prison Camp for Women. Forces unknown apparently commuted her sentence and she was released. No one had seen her for months until she popped up at BWI airport.

The heroes recently learned that Helena was working a deep undercover assignment for Division X investigating the Cult of the Bloody Tongue. She informed them that she was working on learning the Cult’s plans and was at the airport to meet a contact the day she was shot. She informed Delta Team of the “Rise of the Avatars” prophecy.

Helena Wright

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